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Google forcing SSL on websites

Google has just announced it will update the Chrome browser to mark all sites not SSL enabled as Not Secure. The first of this will happen Jan 31, 2017. On this date the browser will mark sites as Not Secure if the site has a form requesting credit card numbers or passwords. Soon after, any site that is not SSL enabled will be marked as Not Secure.

We have already turned on SSL on many of our hosted web sites. We will continue to work on these.

Non-Wordpress sites, i.e., PHP / HTML or .ASP sites are more difficult to accomplish. In many instances, links to pages, etc. will need to be re-written to include https instead of http in URL’s.

The following link will take you to a site explaining this change. The page is written in particular for WordPress sites, but the over all discussion applies to all sites.

Click here to view article

If this bulletin is confusing and you don’t understand, please feel free to call us 515-277-1990.