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A wild year…

Just sitting here thinking about what has happened over that past several months here at JTM MultiMedia, Inc.

We moved all web sites to new data centers with the latest servers running SSD (Solid State Drives), the latest software, the latest security protocols and unlimited bandwidth.

We have converted a lot of sites to WordPress, to make them responsive.

We have studied web site security, especially as it pertains to WordPress sites. As a result, we have implemented specialized firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems to protect our client’s web site assets.

We have joined the CloudFlare Content Distribution network to provide our clients enterprise level security for their DNS records as well as an added level of security for their web sites. CloudFlare also speeds up our clients web sites thru world wide caches and compression techniques.

We have turned on Level 1 SSL security for most of our hosted web sites, for free! If your site is hosted at JTM MultiMedia, Inc, and you are not seeing it being SSL secured, have your webmaster contact us. We probably had a technical issue with your site and it may need some re-programming to be SSL compliant.