JTM MultiMedia, Inc. provides World Class Email for your domain. Your users can receive email via the Web (WebMail), or via POP3 or IMAP email clients (Outlook, Outlook Express, Entourage, etc.), even your smart phone!

JTM MultiMedia, Inc's Email Features Include:

  •  WebMail - Access your email from anywhere with just a browser
  •  POP3 or IMAP - Use any standard email clients for Linux, Mac or Windows, or smart phone
  •  Anti Spam Control


With JTM's Web Hosting Service, you also receive email support for your domain at no extra charge! Contact Us and we can explain all the options available for your domain's email.


Professional Spam Filtering Service

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WebMail is our web-based email system. Anyone with an email account at JTM MultiMedia, Inc. can use WebMail from any browser -  anywhere in the world - to access their email account. With WebMail you can read, send, forward, delete emails, from your personal mailbox. WebMail even has spell check. Use WebMail to check your company email from home or while you are on the road.