If Email Security is your concern, then you may want to set up SSL email, instructions below.

If you use Web Mail, we will cover that at the end of this along with a method to send Encrypted Emails (very secure email).

What is Secure SSL Email?

SSL email is encrypted email. Your email is first encrypted, then sent to our servers. Any email you get is sent to your email client from our servers encrypted. So in short, your email, from your Outlook to our email server is encrypted so anyone snooping on the lines can not read your email. This keeps your passwords and messages secure to a point. 

In the past, certain clients were setup with SSL email as they dealt with HIPPA regulations. We are now offering SSL Secure email to all of our clients.

To use SSL Encrypted Email on our servers, please follow the instructions provided below. Instructions are for Outlook 2003, but will work for other versions of Outlook. If you use another email client, use the same settings, you just won't be able to follow the pictures provided.

1. In Outlook, Select Email Accounts under the Tools Menu.

2. This should show the following screen:

3. Select View or change existing accounts and click on the Next button

4. You should now see a list of email accounts. Select the account you want to change (highlight) and click on the Change button.

5. On this screen, change both mail servers to surge.jtmweb.com. Also, make sure your User Name is your complete email address. Once set, click on the More Settings button.

6. On this screen, click on the Outgoing Server tab. Select the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication & Use same settings as my incoming mail server. Now, click on the Advanced tab.

Encrypted Email Settings 4


7. Once on the Advanced tab, set as shown below. Set your Incoming server port to 995 and check This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL). Also, change your Outgoing Server port to 465 and check This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL).

Encrypted Email Settings 5

If not already set, you can check the Leave a copy of messages on the server and select Remove from server after 3 days. What this does is keeps a copy of all your email on the server for 3 days after you receive it. This is handy when you have a cell phone or another computer that you want to check your email on. The email will still be there for 3 days for you to check. You can set this to more days if you wish, but remember you broaden your possible exposure by doing so.


8. When set, click the OK button. Now you can test your set up. Click on the Test Account Settings button. If all is OK, you should get a message stating, Congratulations! All tests completed successfully.

What About Web Mail?

If you use Web mail, you can connect via SSL too. To check your email in a browser, go to https://surge.jtmweb.com/. Use your complete email address in the Username field, and log in. That's it!

Send Encrypted Emails

Encrypted Email Settings 6You can send encrypted emails from within Web mail. When you create a new email, there is a little padlock at the top of the new message window. If you click on the padlock icon, it will change to locked. When you send, the message will be encrypted, and an email telling the recipient that they have received an Encrypted Email, with a link to a page where they can assign their own password to read future encrypted emails, and a link to the email they just got.

Encrypted emails cannot be read by anyone, except the person they were sent to. While this may be a hassle for everyday use, if you use it, you can be assured that only the person intended will be able to read the email. Not even the system administrators of the receiving email server can read it, and it would take the NSA a very long time to de-crypt it, making Encrypted emails are the most secure communications you can have.

Note: To send encrypted email from an email client like Outlook, you will have to find a third party plug-in, your on your own with this one.