JTM MultiMedia, Inc. was incorporated on May 2, 1995 to do business in the State of Iowa as an Internet Service Provider. On June 1, 1995 JTM MultiMedia, Inc. began providing Internet Dial-In, Web Hosting, Web Design and Email services.

Dedicated to the high ethics that 'People deserve and want service', JTM MultiMedia, Inc. has been from the start, a different style of company. We believe in providing services to our clients in a timely and accurate manner, but to have fun along the way. We want to be here, that's our distinguishing trait!

CEO, Tim Meyer, has been in the computer and network support business since March of 1980, having supported systems from Apple, Novell, IBM and Intel. Tim has many years of mixed-networking experience.

President, Jacque Meyer, joined the JTM Team in April of 1996. Jacque is now JTM MultiMedia, Inc.'s Web Master, having developed many corporate and personal sites. She also is responsible for maintaining several large corporate sites. Jacque is in charge of JTM MultiMedia, Inc.'s accounting department - her least favorite job!

On November 8th, 1999 JTM MultiMedia, Inc. contracted with Freese-Notis Weather and Internet Services to purchase JTM MultiMedia, Inc.'s dial-in business. This was to allow JTM MultiMedia, Inc. to specialize in their growing web hosting and design services.

January 2000, JTM MultiMedia, Inc. officially launched this site and changed our web presence from www.ecity.net to www.jtmweb.com. JTM MultiMedia, Inc.'s new site and direction are to provide Web Design and Web Hosting services, as well as email services, to small business as well as larger corporate clients.

March 2001, JTM MultiMedia, Inc. purchased the webhosting business from KnowledgeWorks, a locally owned webhosting / database / networking service in Iowa.
Several clients are still with JTM & we've gotten to know them very well!

December 2002, JTM MultiMedia, Inc. is currently hosting websites for companies in the following 18 states, plus Mexico!

December 2013 - Geez - How time can fly!! This is what happens when you don't update your own website - which we just did!! Learning new stuff all the time & incorporating them into websites. In recent years, we have become familiar with databases & incorporating them into websites which have 'Members Only' sections.

January 2016 - We have switched most design projects to Word Press, a CMS (content management system). We have optimized our servers for the heavy loads Word Press can present. Word Press is built in such a way that your pages will display on any size screen, PC, tablet or cell phone in a readable format. Interested in a new look, give us a call.

January 2021 - Well, we made it thru 2020. Hope the next year is better!