Professional Spam Filtering Service

Over the years, one of the most frustrating aspects of the Internet has been email Spam & viruses.  We have tried several systems in the past, all of them better than the last, but we still struggle with this issue. We thought it was time to address this issue one more time, so...

JTM MultiMedia, Inc. has partnered with a major Spam Filter Hosting Service and we are offering a 30 day trial of our new Professional Spam Filtering Service to all JTM email clients.

The service is by domain, in other words, if you want to use this service, ALL of your domain’s email accounts will be set up. Just think - your employees will have fewer emails in their InBox to deal with – a time saver! The service will also stop malicious attachments and viruses.

Nothing is required on your part – except to tell us to start your 30 day FREE trial - call us at 515-277-1990 or send us an email. We handle all of the set-up in the background here at JTM. All you have to do is enjoy Spam Free Email!

JTM's New Professional Spam Filtering Service will replace the current email server's spam system for your domain. Your domain’s administrator will have access to a new control panel with a Dash Board to see how the system is working, with the ability to release any emails quarantined by the system. See screen shot below.


After your 30 day FREE trial the cost is $10.00 per month, per domain name, for up to 20 email accounts. Over 20 accounts, the cost will be calculated at $0.50 per month, per email address. This cost will be included on your normal JTM invoice - NO 3rd party billing.


Email Accounts
Cost per month
Cost per quarter
15 email accounts  
25 email accounts
50 email accounts 
100 email accounts

Final Words

There are many hosted spam services out there that charge per email address, anywhere from $1.50 per month to $12.50 per month. JTM wanted to find a system that was very good at stopping Spam and viruses, but was also reasonably priced. We think we have it in our new Professional Spam Filtering Service offering.

If you would like to take advantage of our Free 30 Day Trial, give us a call at 515-277-1990 or send us an email and we can get you set up in a matter of hours.

You may cancel this service at any time!