SMS Notifications

SMS is the text messaging system on your cell phone. If you would like a text notification of email received sent to your phone, read below.

Note: If you get a lot of email, you may not want to use this option, as you will receive lots of text messages.

  1. You need to find your email to SMS address. This is an email address that is provided by your cell company. Something like
    If you don't know your email to SMS address, you can find it at :
  2. On this web site, enter your cell phone number, enter the indicated security number and click on Search. You'll be shown information on your number, you want the SMS Gateway Address:
  3. Next log into web mail. (
  4. Under the Options pull down menu, select Preferences
  5. On the top menu, select Extras
  6. Then, next to Notifications, click on configure
  7. In the Email address field, enter your SMS Gateway Address
  8. Click Save.
  9. That's it.
  10. The next time you get an email, you will receive a text message telling you so.