Server Status

Status Monitor Name Uptime
up DNS Cluster 1 100.000 %
up DNS Cluster 2 100.000 %
up Email IMAP 99.832 %
up Email POP 99.837 %
up Email SMTP 99.828 %
up Email Web 99.830 %
up JTM Database Server 99.727 %
up JTM Web Server #1 99.923 %
up JTM Web Server #2 99.942 %
up JTM Web Server #3 100.000 %
up JTM Web Server #4 - ASP 98.454 %
up JTM WordPress 99.999 %
Updated at 6:05 pm

SMS/Text Alert System

JTM Multimedia, Inc. provides an SMS/Text Alert system to notify clients when systems are down. We will send out an Alert text message to your cell phone. This will ONLY BE USED when we are having difficulties contacting our clients regarding, but not limited to, Major Outages. To be a part of our SMS/Text Alert System and receive alert messages, please complete the form below.

NOTE: Only JTM Multimedia, Inc. clients are allowed in this service.

It may take up to 2 business days for your number to be entered into the system.